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Shaping MY PINT 1.0 in Malaysia

We are excited to announce that the MY PINT 1.0 specifications for Malaysian e-Invoicing have now been published. These e-Invoicing document specifications are uniquely designed to align with the Peppol International (PINT) model while also ensuring full compliance with the Malaysia Tax Authority’s requirements.

This development is particularly significant as we approach the upcoming e-Invoicing mandate in Malaysia, set to take effect from 1 August 2024. The MY PINT 1.0 specifications are not just about adhering to global standards; they incorporate rules specifically tailored to meet the unique fiscal and regulatory landscape of Malaysia.

While the MY PINT 1.0 specifications mark a significant step forward in standardizing and streamlining e-Invoicing practices within Malaysia, please be advised that these specifications are subject to potential changes. As PINT evolves and we continue to gather and integrate feedback from the pilot phase, refinements may be made to ensure the system’s effectiveness and compliance.

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