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Information Security Policy

Our company RTC operates in the field of “Tax Compliance Software” as a Cloud-based Software Suite
provider for e-Invoicing, e-book, e- archive, SAF-T, VAT return etc.). Our company is committed to
ensuring the privacy, integrity, and protection of all physical and electronic information assets. The
requirements for information and information security will align with our corporate objectives. Our
company management will be open to change and will employ well-trained, competent personnel in
their fields. Our aim is to provide financing that will compete with our competitors in the sector and to
have the necessary hardware and infrastructure. This infrastructure and personnel will be accompanied
by the necessary financing. Business continuity and emergency plans, data backup procedures,
protection from viruses and hackers, access control systems, and information security breach
notifications will be the cornerstones of our main operations. As a result of risk assessments,
vulnerabilities and threats will be addressed, and secure access to our customer and staff information
will be provided.

Furthermore, based on risk assessments, our objectives will be defined, and the necessary resources and
conditions for achieving these objectives will be provided.

To implement this policy, we primarily expect our employees to incorporate the Information Security
Management System requirements into their working style. Within this scope, all personnel and specific
third parties will receive appropriate training related to the Information Security Management System.

Applicable conditions related to information security and the opportunities and requirements brought
by these conditions will be fulfilled, and these conditions will be continuously improved. In addition, our
company, our staff, and all relevant parties will adapt to this system.

Our Information Security Policy is reviewed annually or in case of significant changes related to our
company to ensure its adequacy, accuracy, and effectiveness, with the participation of management and
unit managers, and its relevance is maintained.


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