SAP BTP Cockpit by RTC Suite

Stay Ahead in a Changing Tax Landscape.

In today’s dynamic global environment, tax regulations are frequently evolving, putting multinationals under immense pressure to remain compliant across all jurisdictions. RTC Suite provides the definitive solution, ensuring seamless global tax operations through its SAP BTP cockpit.

Global Scalable Single Cockpit

Effortlessly integrate a comprehensive, unified system tailored for multinationals. No more juggling multiple tools or platforms – just one cockpit that’s scalable to fit your multinational needs.

Simple Integration with Your Existing ERP

RTC’s unique platform is deeply anchored in SAP BTP, allowing for a smooth assimilation with your current ERP system. Provide us with access, and in roughly four weeks – a turnaround time that’s notably quicker than the industry standard – you’ll be fully operational.

A Revolutionary Tax Technology Platform

RTC Suite is specially built on SAP BTP to offer:

Single-source Solution:

Streamline your operations with our holistic Tax Technology platform designed for global corporations.

No Code Integration:

There’s zero need for coding on your source system, ensuring a hassle-free setup.

End-to-end Connectivity with CPI:

Enjoy seamless integration that simplifies data management across systems.

Absolute Data Security:

Rest assured knowing your data operates directly in SAP and remains within its fortified environment.

User-Friendly RTC Cockpit Interface

Divert your team’s focus from complex data management to core objectives that truly matter, like enhancing customer satisfaction. With the RTC cockpit’s intuitive interface, even intricate tax operations become a walk in the park.

Unified Portal for All Your Tax Reporting Needs

Do away with the complexities of navigating through numerous portals.

Our Solutions

A comprehensive suite for e-Documents, VAT Reports and Reconciliation

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