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Accelerating Romania: The Future of e-Transport Unveiled | 6 March 2024, 2 pm (CET) Webinar 

Is your business prepared for the transformative wave in Romania’s transport sector? With significant advancements in e-Transport, it’s crucial to stay informed and adaptable. RTC is thrilled to announce an upcoming webinar titled “Accelerating Romania: The Future of e-Transport Unveiled,” scheduled for 6 March 2024 at 2 pm (CET). 

Join us for an insightful session featuring a panel of distinguished experts in the field, including Sorin Biban & Osman Bengur Donmez who will offer in-depth insights into Romania’s evolving e-Transport landscape. 

Why Attend? 

  • Unpack the Evolution: Trace the dynamic changes in Romania’s e-Transport sector from 2021 to now. Learn about the pivotal policies and advancements that are setting the stage for a new era. 
  • Regulatory Roadmap: Gain comprehensive insights into the e-Transport framework, understand the regulatory requirements, and master the step-by-step process for effective compliance. 
  • Tech Talk: Delve into the technological pillars of the e-Transport system, including securing the UIT Code and leveraging digital solutions for smarter, more efficient goods transport. 
  • Question Time: Our interactive Q&A session offers you a direct line to industry experts. Get your burning questions answered and clear up any uncertainties. 

Speakers & Insights 

Our webinar features a distinguished panel of specialists, including Sorin Biban & Osman Bengur Donmez, who will share their expertise and perspectives on the e-Transport shift in Romania. 

Join the Movement 

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Anticipate, Adapt, Achieve 

Join us at RTC as we explore the pathways to success in the era of e-Transport in Romania. We’re here to help you anticipate changes, adapt strategies, and achieve compliance and efficiency. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your business practices for optimal efficiency and compliance. Register Now to secure your spot in our webinar and take a significant step towards mastering Romania’s e-Transport landscape.  

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