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e-Invoicing in Romania | 17 October 2023, 2 pm (CET) Webinar

Romania’s shift toward e-Invoicing has marked a significant evolution. As we stand at the threshold of 2024, the landscape is brimming with changes that companies need to be adept at navigating. RTC, as an emerging cloud-based suite provider for multinationals, welcomes you to explore the depths of the Romanian e-Invoicing landscape.

Join us for a comprehensive session where we unravel:

> The Evolution of e-Factura & Timelines:

A retrospective journey from 2021 to the present day, marking pivotal shifts and advancements.

> Technical Aspects of the Romanian e-Factura System:

Demystifying the system’s core functionalities and unveiling its multifaceted benefits.

> Mandatory e-Invoicing:

A deep dive into the current mandates and a futuristic glimpse into the 2024 expectations.

> e-Reporting Essentials:

Achieve clarity on which transactions will demand e-reporting from the dawn of 2024.

> Business Preparation:

Equip your business for the future with actionable steps and best practices for a smooth transition.

With RTC team’s rich experience and mastery in the regulatory tax compliance, this webinar promises to be a treasure trove of insights, ensuring you stay not just compliant, but also a step ahead. Don’t miss this opportunity to prepare and strategize for the future of e-Invoicing in Romania.

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Thank you for your interest in our Webinar series.


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